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Latest charts make your boatrip safer.

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A professional navigation app easy to use.

Seapilot Features

With Seapilot Basic you have some basic functions to navigate and with Seapilot Premium you get all the extra features. Whichever you choose, you always need to buy your *charts separately directly in the Seapilot App.
*US, charts are free.

Seapilot Basic


✓ Fully functional navigation app
✓ Own position
✓ Marks
✓ Search Chart location
✓ Head up / North up
✓ Chart updates per cell
✓ Social Boating

Seapilot Premium


✓ Fully functional navigation app
✓ Own position
MOB – Man over board
Search AIS & Chart location
Head up / North up
✓ Chart updates per cell
✓ Social Boating
✓ Past Track
Routes and Waypoints
✓ Weather Routing
GRIB data and presentation
✓ NMEA data from Sensors (AIS, GPS, Heading)
GPX Import/Export
Weather Forecast (MeteoGroup)
✓ Internet AIS
✓ Multi-device (Up to 5 devices simultaneously)
Autoroute from A to B
CPA (collision prevention assist)
AIS Favourites

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The size of your boat is not important. You are the captain and understand your responsibilities. How an where to steer your vessel – you’re in control, those are your decisions. You love life at sea and likely have friends who share this same passion.

Download the Seapilot navigation app for your device. See you at sea!

The Seapilot app is free to download

We put professional navigation technologies, AIS boat tracking and up-to-date nautical charts on to your mobile device in a user-friendly way.

Seapilot makes coastal areas safer through accurate readings of where you are and where you’re heading. As a bonus, finding your boating friends was never easier!

The Seapilot app is free to download. However, Seapilot Premium and most charts (US charts are free of charge) are subject to a paid annual subscription. The charts of your choice can be purchased at the lowest price level possible or even for free if the hydrographic offices so permits.

Available in over 25 countries

Seapilot Navigation App uses vectorized S-57 chart data from national maritime administrations. The chart presentation is based on professional standards.

Nautical charts are purchased directly in the Seapilot app. You purchase by country and the charts include the coastal areas and – for some countries – major lakes and waterways as well.

Current price for each chart can be found directly in the app (Settings -> Charts). You can overlook your subscriptions on your account page.

Some charts are free of charge (US charts for instance). Those might be stated as Purchased in your account settings – please note that it doesn’t mean that you’ve actually purchased and paid for them.

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Seapilot app – Social boating – Worlds easiest navigation app!
Seapilot Navigation App is powerful, easy to use and based on professional standards for electronic navigation.

Our vision is to make professional navigation gear, as well as socializing tools for the boater, accessible and affordable for everybody.

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