Purchase and subscription

Do I need a subscription or is it just a one-time charge for Seapilot?

The Seapilot app is free of charge and can be used with charts and all functions during a 36 hour trial period. After the initial 36 hours Trial period, you can decide to purchase a one-year subscription for at least one chart. The subscriptions are charged annually. Chart subscriptions are purchased inside the app (as an “in-app purchase”). The subscription includes official chart corrections for one year. Additional functions, or navigational tools : Internet AIS, weather forecasts, routes, marks and past tracks, import/export routes and NMEA sensor data control etc, requires a PREMIUM subscription.

Subscriptions are normally automatically renewed via App Store or Google Play. You can edit your preferences here:

Software updates (app updates) are distributed free of charge like all apps in the App Store and Google Play.

Is Seapilot charging separately for use in Tablet and Smartphone?

The app is free for download and install, however you need to purchase the charts of your choice annually. The free version allows you to use Seapilot on one device at a time. With the PREMIUM subscription you can use it on up to 5 (five) devices at the same time.

Is updating free of charge?

Software updates of Seapilot are free – as for all apps in App Store and Google Play. Chart corrections need a subscription which is extended annually automatically via App Store or Google Play.

How often will Seapilot get software updates?

Development and improvement of Seapilot is a never ending process and will result in new free updates of the app, available as soon as the new app versions are tested, approved and released.

Why can’t I download charts?

Any chart with valid one-year subscription period on your user account, shall be available for download from your Seapilot navigation app.
– Check your account on www.seapilot.com that the chart subscription period has not expired.
– Verify that your Seapilot-app is properly signed in to correct user account.
– Check the device settings. ‘‘In-app purchase” might be blocked.
– Is there enough space on your device?

What are the prices for charts?

Seapilot is continually negotiating with hydrographic offices in each country for access to, and reasonable cost for, their official S57 chart data. Price policies differ from country to country, which are reflected in the subscription charges. Prices are displayed in the app (Settings ->Charts).

Is it possible to claim refund on made purchases?

A purchase is definite on the customers’ authorization with the User ID and password and downloading has started. Exceptions may be granted if you provide a valid and acceptable reason. Such reason could be a non-working App or accidental double-payment of same product.

For in-app purchases made from within the Seapilot-app via account in iTunes/App Store or Google Play, you need to submit your claim to the respective app store support according to their conditions and routines – referencing payment receipt from respective app store. Transactions in those app stores are strictly a business between the store and the end-customer. Seapilot has no authority to make such claims on the customer’s behalf.

Can I use Seapilot on more than one device?

Yes, with the PREMIUM subscription you can use Seapilot on up to five devices at the same time.