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Professional navigation meets social boating in Seapilot navigation app

We put professional navigation technologies, AIS boat tracking and up-to-date nautical charts on to your mobile device in a user-friendly way. The Seapilot navigation app makes coastal areas safer through accurate readings of where you are and where you’re heading. As a bonus, finding your boating friends was never easier!

The Seapilot app is free to download. However, the Premium Service and most charts (US charts are free of charge) are subject to subscription.The charts of your choice can be purchased at the lowest price level possible or even for free if the hydrographic offices so permits.

Subscriptions are normally automatically renewed via App Store or Google Play. You can edit your preferences here:

See you at sea! Check out our video tutorials here >

With the PREMIUM service – available for iPad and iPhone and most Android platforms – you have access to several extra features, such as routing and weather forecasts. Sign up and get a free 36 hour trial >




Fully functional navigation app
Own position
Search Chart location
Head up / North up
Chart updates per cell
Social Boating
AIS favourites  (Under development)
Point of Interest (Under development)
In App manual  (Under development)
Past Track
Routes and Waypoints
Weather Routing
GRIB data and presentation
NMEA data from Sensors (AIS, GPS, Heading)
GPX Import/Export
Weather Forecast (MeteoGroup)
Internet AIS
Multi device (Up to 5 devices simultaneously)
Auto route from A to B
Anchor watch (Under development)
Sync of marks/tracks/routes between devices (Under development)

In March 2016 Seapilot launched the PREMIUM service. The services and features that previously were sold separately and subscriptions are now included in the PREMIUM service, among several other innovations. The app can like previously be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play. PREMIUM feature is available for iPad and iPhone and most Android platforms.

Previous users always keep purchased functionality as long as the former version of the app is available. If for example, you’ve bought the Weather Routing and now choose to buy premium for a year, so you keep the Weather Routing even after a year. You can upgrade (and downgrade) as you wish, however the subscription period is one year minimum.