AIS presentation in Seapilot

Do I need an AIS transponder or receiver on my boat to use the AIS feature in Seapilot?

No, with paid and valid “Internet-AIS” subscription, Seapilot displays all AIS targets on your device by receiving the AIS data over Internet from land based AIS-networks. The update speed of AIS targets is approximately 10-20 seconds. Seapilot displays up to 100 targets (ships) nearest to your own position or the position you have panned on your device.

Although a transponder is not required for the AIS features in Seapilot, an AIS transponder is recommended as safety equipment. An AIS transponder onboard is not dependent on an Internet connection and will send and receive AIS data “ship-to-ship” within normal VHF coverage Read more here>>.

If me and my friend both have Seapilot – can we see each other’s boats (devices) on the screen?

This is possible through the Facebook interface *)

You have to connect Seapilot to your Facebook account. This is made once in Seapilot Settings. You can see Seapilot users with Facebook connection who are currently using Seapilot (if they have opted to share their position). You can choose to share your position and see others’ positions. either all users or Seapilot users who are also your Facebook friends.
*) Presently only in Seapilot for iOS(iPad/iPhone)

In order for your own boat to be “visible” as AIS target for others, you have to install an AIS transponder on your own boat. This transponder transmits data over a VHF radio frequency. The Seapilot App in this context is only a recipient of the AIS information received, either from land based networks via internet, or from an external AIS-transponder attached via WiFi to your device.

I have an AIS transponder on board. How do I filter this AIS object from may Seapilot chart, if my own AIS symbol disturbs my own position symbol in the chart?

Go to MMSI setting in Seapilot and enter your own MMSI number in the field provided. It will then act as a filter and you will not see your own boat as an AIS target in Seapilot. Your Seapilot-app will keep hiding the actual AIS-target, until you delete the MMSI number in the field. The filter function only affects your own local Seapilot app.