Coastal Forecasts and AIS real-time observations

What kind of weather is presented in Seapilot?

The weather is presented as five day coastal weather forecasts in one-hour intervals, for any position in the chart. Source data is supplied by MeteoGroup Inc.

In Sweden and Finland, real time observations are presented from a number of strategically placed, and AIS-transmitting weather stations along the coastline.

Note that all weather information in Seapilot requires some form of Internet coverage, via WLAN or Mobile-net coverage.
Access to coastal “Weather Forecast”, as well as “Internet-AIS” is purchased as annual subscriptions from your user account on – or in the App (as an “in-app purchase”).

How do I display a coastal weather forecast?

Keep your finger pressed for a moment at any position in the chart, until you see an orange cross above your finger. When you release your finger, a number of options for the position are displayed and among these is “Weather Forecast”. Tap this and a five-day forecast is presented, which you can break down into one-hour intervals.

(Internet coverage via 3G/WiFi is required for feeding weather data, as well as valid subscription in your user account, for access to “Weather forecast”).

How are real-time observations displayed?

Make sure your device has Internet coverage, and that AIS is enabled in Seapilot settings. Look up the current weather station, marked as a point surrounded by a dark blue circle in the chart. Tap on the symbol for a current observation. The weather station specifies different data. Some weather stations specify only wind speed and direction, others only water level, while others specify both wind, water and more (If wind speed and direction is displayed in a chart top instrument in Seapilot, this is based on data from the weather station closest to your position).

What data is behind Seapilots Coastal Weather Forecast?

Coastal weather forecasts are supplied by MeteoGroup Inc. – experts on specialized forecasts for the maritime sector, offshore industry, power sector, etc. MeteoGroup uses a complex forecast model including weather stations, observations and historical weather data.

How do I get access to the Coastal weather forecasts in Seapilot?

Coastal weather forecasts are purchased as annual subscription, either from your account on, or in the App (as an “in-app purchase”).