What is NMEA?

NMEA, National Marine Electronics Association, is a (US-based) organization defining industry standards for data communication between different marine electronics devices.

How does Seapilot implement NMEA in the app?

NMEA in Seapilot is used when you have the need for external input of GPS and/or AIS-data to your Seapilot-device. The NMEA interface in Seapilot relies on WiFi connection only. With an external GPS-receiver or AIS-transponder creating it’s own local WiFi-network, you connect your Seapilot-device to that specific WiFi-network, activates NMEA in Seapilot settings and fill in “Host” and “Port” information as specified in the external device. If the external GPS/AIS device lacks own WiFi-router function, you will have to link it by cable to a WiFi-multiplexer which in turn produces the local WiFi-network needed.

Depending on what kind of device you attached, you may then set the NMEA-controls for Seapilot to use only the external GPS- or AIS-data.

N.B.  If relying on built-in GPS in your device, or a Bluetooth-connected external receiver, the Seapilot setting “Use NMEA” must be set to OFF.