Testimonials – find out what our customers think about Seapilot Navigation App

Seapilot navigation app has over 30,000 subscribers. Find out what they think about Seapilot.

It doesn’t get better than this

Fantasticly easy to grasp, easy to use, no problem. All the tools you need at sea. Writes "tracks" that becomes your logbook of your routes. Cruel! Device: Apple iPad


Have tried all nav apps by now. Seapilot plays so far in a league of it’s own. Very good charts, AIS, good management of routes and tracks etc. Lacking only connection to external sensors. Awesome great app! ... And now it also supports external sensors. Thank you! Device: Apple iPad

Absolutely lovely!

I am very satisfied. Was out for a whole day with the boat. So simple to operate and very detailed maps. Easy to set up routes and plan routes even if you are sitting at home on the couch. Device: Apple iPad


I first bought Navionics, but was never fully satisfied until I found this! It’s recommended! Device: Apple iPad


Absolutely superb app, works like a clockwork. The only iPad plotter that works! Device: Apple iPad


Satisfied with the purchase, absolutely worth the money. And it really shows where the boat is. Device: Apple iPad

My first plotter

Thought of buying a marine plotter first but after hearing positive things about Seapilot, and only have a normal GPS in my sailboat and wanting to plot my position among islands and islets, I bought Seapilot this weekend on the way home from HYPPELN. I put on the water proof case and put it on the table in front of the steering wheel. The first thing I noticed was that the boat was updated very quickly, I saw how the rudder moved and how close I could go the islands with a 3m curve. I relaxed in a completely different way compared to navigating with our relatively new paper charts. Took a while before I started trusting it, double checked the chart, but after a few hours I felt calm, has just learned the waypoints and the advantage of ais when approaching Rivöfjorden. Device: Apple iPad

M / Y Cayenne

Really good planning tool. Device: Apple iPad

Great app!

Supreme nav app, easy to use and high quality charts. Device: Apple iPhone

Best plotter!

Have tried all available and this beats all. Especially good with AIS and simple way to create routes and waypoints. The only thing missing is an autoroute ... But hope it will come. Device: Apple iPhone


An application that really does what it should! Works great to navigate and has much better charts than many more expensive plotters on the market! AIS-data is both useful and fun at the same time. Device: Apple iPhone

Safe assistance

Compared to my Navionics, this is much safer. E.g. beacons do not disappear when zooming out. AIS feature is very useful inshore in waterways with meetings ships, but also as a reference, and not least AIS weather data. Now waiting for "mini" iPad, then I buy the iPad version! Device: Apple iPhone


Surprised and impressed by how useful it is. Fast graphics and very good charts. Device: Apple iPhone


Brilliant great app! Good charts and good update of AIS targets. Highly recommended. Device: Apple iPhone

Hearty and just enough info

Very impressed so far in my usage. Updating fast and easy and follows almost exactly even in 37 knots. Zooms in high speed and there is minimal delay and very detailed. Really feels like a serious tool made ​​by interested and informed engineers and seafarers. / / feskarpojk and naval officer Device: Apple iPhone

Have been longing!

I have loved Seapilot in my iPad and have to supplement with this. Device: Apple iPhone

Good navigation app!!

I have installed it on my HP Elitepad and it works superbly. With AIS it becomes a good tool for navigation at sea. Only plus from me! Device: Windows 8

A revolution in marine navigation

I am overwhelmed with such a great program, and look forward to what it will evolve into, hoping for output for autopilot as a upcoming feature. Device: Windows 8

Very good app

So have Seapilot landed on my HP Elitepad. A really good app with great potential. Can tell it's an early version, there are some functions to add. Do you have a boat, buy it. Device: Windows 8

Finally for W8

Superb! Device: Windows 8