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Happy Fathers Day with Seapilot

Time to let your father be digital in the easiest way. Give him the most easy-to-use and safest app on.. Read more

After Work med Seapilot

Vi vill hålla Seapilot2star vid liv och bjuder därför på After Work i samband med båtmässan “Allt på Sjön” i.. Read more

Job opening at True Heading/Seapilot (In Swedish)

Vi söker en ny marknadskoordinator Vill du  vara en del av Seapilots kanske mest expansiva fas hittills? Till vårt kontor i Danderyd.. Read more

Weather Routing Seminar – exclusive for participants in ÅF Offshore Race 2017

Attend the Seapilot Weather Routing Seminar – excusively for competitors in the ÅF Offshore Race 2017! During the seminar we talk.. Read more

Seapilot2star results

And the winner is…  Joakim Langner och Rikard Wallin in Joan! Read more about the race on >

Seapilot2star Day 2

On May 29th at 8.00 a.m. the first boats took off for the first lap of three in Sweden’s biggest.. Read more

Seapilot2star 2017 – the race is on!

The first group of boats have now started their journey from Oxelösund to the first pitstop in Visby, Gotland. The.. Read more

A podcast about navigation at sea and the deep djungle of authorities

Listen to this podcast in Swedish, concerning navigation both at sea and in the deep djungle of authorities. Participants are.. Read more

Seapilot in US press

We would love to have more users in the US, and last week we were on a press tour in Florida and.. Read more

Lower in app-prices and no more web purchases

If you sign in to your account, you will see that we made some changes. From now on we sell.. Read more